Granby Ranch is your E-bike Destination


E-bikes make it EASY—and they're legal here.

"With thousands of miles of trails in the county, there seems to be a path for everyone, including hikers, bikers, horseback riders and ATV users, unless those trail users are riding E-bikes."

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Have your own E-Bike Epiphany at Granby Ranch.

E-biking—It’s Legal Here.

Maybe you haven’t ridden in a while. Maybe you’re worried about the altitude. Maybe you’ve heard that E-bikes are banned on some public mountain bike trails. E-bikes are extraordinary new tools that can help us get more out of our rides, regardless of our fitness level, and they’re sure to make your next outing at Granby Ranch one thing… FUN.

Granby Ranch Bike Park is here to give you an E-bike experience that’s free and clear of all of these concerns.

Granby Ranch is your E-bike destination. New for 2019 Granby Ranch offers a fleet of trail-worthy full-suspension and hardtail E-bikes from Kona Bikes for rent. The private Granby Ranch cross-country trail system is open to E-bikes, including rider owned rigs, so you can ride your E-bike without risk of a ticket or hassle from the US Forest Service.

E-biking at Granby Ranch Bike Park

E-bikes from Kona Bicycles.
E-bikes are easy to ride, all you have to do is pedal lightly and the motor will keep you moving.
Our E-bikes have three to five motor assist modes— from mild to wild—which means they’re easy and fun for everyone.
We have Shimano and Bosch powered models with bike sizes ranging from small to large.

Note: E-bikes are currently banned from all non-motorized and single-track trails in the Winter Park/Fraser/Granby/Sulphur Districts by the Colorado State Forest Service.

Demo one of our E-bikes

Mountain Bike at Granby Ranch Bike Park

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