About Granby Ranch

A Letter from the Founder and Principal

Thank you for your interest in Granby Ranch!

This community was born out of my own experience visiting the mountains with my husband and young children. These are some of my favorite memories – simply being together, without the distractions that sometimes come with city life. I wanted to build a place where more families could experience that same togetherness. When I first saw this land, I knew it was the perfect place to begin.

To build it, we assembled a group of people who have worked with some of the most beautiful and innovative communities in the West, including the Cordillera in the Vail Valley, Catamount in Steamboat Springs, and the Mayacama in Sonoma County. Twenty-two years later, Granby Ranch is a growing community with over 500 families. It has become the place I dreamed, where families and friends connect, live, play, and enjoy nature in the Colorado Rockies.

I hope you’ll visit us soon, and discover the beauty, simplicity, and joy that is Granby Ranch.

Be Well,

Marise Cipriani
Founder and Managing Partner, Granby Ranch

Melissa Cipriani

Chief Executive Officer

Melissa has been involved in all aspects of Granby Ranch since in 2002. She began her career in Ops and spent years learning from the ground up; from the ticket office as the assistant manager, re-opening the groups department and running the golf shop for a summer, Melissa ended up as interim VP of Operations for a year while the company transitioned. She also worked with the development team for 4 years on implementing the development plan. Melissa then took on the role of co-managing partner and actively participated in executive and financial meetings. After 4 years working on other projects as a consultant in NYC, she returns to Granby Ranch as CEO. Melissa graduated from The American University with a degree in Business Administration and is currently enrolled in the Executive Education Program at Harvard University. Melissa speaks 5 languages and loves exercising (especially spinning!), hiking, drinking wine and traveling.

Dustin Lombard

Chief Financial Officer

Dustin’s many years of experience in developing reliable financial models and adhering to them have created an operator with a keen eye for successful business ventures and the skill to make them work. Before starting his own hospitality consulting business, he held the position of COO (interim) and CFO for a multi concept restaurant group operating in four countries and over 1,200 employees; and held a similar position for smaller groups or single restaurants since 2004, when he left public accounting. Dustin’s specialties include: Financial modeling, budgets and forecasts, operational standards, growth/expansion management, market/location evaluation, and investor/owner relations.

Dustin graduated from The University of Texas, San Antonio with a degree in Accounting and Finance. He enjoys snowboarding, cooking, gardening and health & fitness.

Lance Badger

Vice President of Development

Lance has extensive real estate development expertise and experience in the mountain resort sector. He has been working with Granby Ranch for over 14 years now. Currently, Lance provides resort development services to a variety of notable clients, including the owners of a large scaled 5,000 acre resort community in the Colorado high country focused on real estate product and amenity development, EB5 Regional Center formation and related project funding through international EB5 private placement.

Prior to his current endeavors, he was a Senior Development Partner with the Atira Group, the principals of which were responsible for managing the development of several large scaled and notable resort development projects in Colorado including Cordillera in the Vail Valley, The Club at Crested Butte, Ski Times Square, Thunderhead and Catamount in Steamboat Springs, as well as many other related smaller scaled communities. Previously, Lance was Vice President of Development for Cordillera for approximately 12 years and was involved in all phases of the development process and management for a variety of Cordillera projects, including project visioning, pro forma and business plan modeling, zoning entitlements, land planning, marketing and sales, contract and project management, etc. Lance has helped to create a variety of related Metropolitan Districts, Design Review Boards, Homeowners Associations and other related entities on which he has also served. He holds a B.A. in Architecture from Columbia College and a Master of Science in Real Estate Development from Columbia University, GSAPP.

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Granby Ranch Gives

Granby Ranch is founded on the principles of community—one that extends beyond our own neighborhoods to the businesses and residents of Grand County. We give back because we believe that the success and prosperity of our neighbors elevates all of us, or as we like to say, a rising tide lifts all the boats.