From "YES" to "I DO," your wedding celebration at Granby Ranch will be anything but ordinary. Brides in ski boots, grooms entering on mountain bikes, all fit the bill here! Granby Ranch is the ideal setting for an intimate, unique, adventurous, and memorable Rocky Mountain wedding.

Seasons of Love

Each season is so beautiful here at Granby Ranch. One of my favorite features to the obviously beautiful ceremony spot are the aspen trees! As the seasons trail from one to the next, these trees create some of the most romantic backdrops. Aspens are such a sweet symbol of Colorado and some of my favorite couple shots. Check out some of these amazing photos in the changing aspen seasons (of wedding love!).


Rocky mountain wedding in winter



Rocky mountain wedding in summerSummer wedding in rocky mountains


Rocky mountain wedding in autumn



Fave Five: Guest Books

Guest books are transforming from a book with signatures to a creative display that is unique to the bride and groom. I love this transition and it leaves you with a decoration, advice, even a game all covered in love from your friends and family. I found my fave five unique guest book ideas that might be just what you want or get you brainstorming for your own guest book!

#1: wedding mad libs

A kid friendly game turned into a fun activity for your guests and what I can only assume will be a great laugh for you and your husband! There can be one generic mad lib or change the story (how we met, our first date, our wedding day, etc.) to get a variety of stories from your friends and family.  Just think of that rainy day that you curl up on the couch to reread these treasures and get to laugh and remember how much you love your friends, family, and your wedding day.


#2: wine corks

Do we not all have corks from wine sitting around our house? I never want to get ride of them just in case I think of a cute project for them. This is a fun way to use the corks and have a vase or display with words of love from your wedding. You could even ask your bartender to keep the corks from the wine served at your reception and throw them into the jar to be signed or just add to the collection.


#3: post cards

Maybe you and your man are big travelers (or want to be) or have lived all over? You can buy post cards from places that mean something to you and your fiance and have your guests write a love note, well wishes, advice, anything! You can then keep them in a box or a photo album to flip through to read or when you need to be inspired to do some traveling.


#4: message in a bottle

There is something so romantic to me about messages in a bottle (I should probably blame Nicholas Sparks), but what a unique idea to have your guests write you notes to read later on. I would be tempted everyday to peak inside but this is such a fun way to incorporate the future into your guest book. You can even have a bottle for different years so you can have notes to read from you wedding day on your first, fifth, and tenth wedding anniversary.


#5: jenga

If you and your finance are big game players why not have Jenga pieces for your friends and family to write on? How cool would it be to have that set and play it with your kids and tell them stories of the names on the block? I might just love this because I have weakness for Jenga, but this is so creative and I bet there are other games that you could use too!




Candace & Noah

Granby Ranch celebrated this winter with a couple of beautiful weddings including Candace and Noah's on February 23rd. Keeping bundled up until walking down the aisle, Candace stunned in her wedding gown even in the cold. Noah anxiously awaited his bride in his snowboarding boots at the end of an aisle of skis and snowboards any mountain lover would be proud to walk through. After a picture perfect ceremony the couple snowboarded down (YES- Candace snowboarded down in her wedding dress) to kick off the party! The reception was romantic with red roses and a southern touch of cotton plants. Take a look at this very cool couple we were so proud to host at Granby Ranch.

Rocky Mountain wedding brideBride preparing for wedding in rocky mountains

Bride in winter rocky mountain wedding

Skiing at Rocky Mountain wedding

Rocky Mountain wedding groomBride and groom in Rocky Mountain wedding

Bride and groom in rocky mountain weddingBride in rocky mountain wedding

Bride in rocky mountain weddingRocky mountain snowboarding brideBride snowboarding in rocky mountains

Special thanks to all her great vendors!

Photographer: Christina Gressianu & Lindsey Lehmith

Officiant: Matt Raynack

Musician: A Music Plus

Cupcakes: Happy Cakes

Doggie "I Dos"

Our dogs wear avalanche beacons and ski the backcountry with us, so it's no surprise that Kona and Bodhi are showing up at our weddings, too. Actually, a LOT of weddings.  "It's a very Colorado thing to have dogs in your wedding," says Granby Ranch amenity sales manager Emily Burgess, who helps couples coordinate their big days. "For many of couples I work with, these dogs are their kids."

Pet-friendly weddings at Granby Ranch

Unlike at many mountain resorts, here at Granby Ranch dogs are in fact welcome on property and at our ceremony site. Dog-friendly lodging is available from condos to cabins, so your dog will have a home away from home to enjoy the celebration, too.  And after the "I dos," there are trails to romp and streams to splash through on more than 5,000 acres of mountain terrain at Granby Ranch. Not a bad vacation for your pup!

But that doesn't mean dog attendants at your wedding are a no-brainer. Here's how you can make sure canine weddings guests fit in without stealing the show (or someone's steak):

Assign a dog wrangler. Look for a friend—not a family member, they have other duties to worry about—who knows the dog well and can be responsible for it.

Leash up.  Keep the dog on a leash at all times during the big day except when they are walking down the aisle to their owners.  Once they've done their job, make sure dogs are back on their leash or led away, so everyone can relax—including your dog!

Put an end time on it. After the ceremony and a few photos, give your pooch a break and drive them back to your accommodations right away. It lessens stress on both the bride and groom, keeps the dogs from clashing with guests who might have allergies or small children, and out of the way during food service.

For more wedding planning tips or questions about pet-friendly events at Granby Ranch give us a call at 888-850-4615 or email our weddings team at .

Come Rain or Come Shine: Mountain Summer Weddings and Weather

Come Rain or Come Shine: Mountain Summer Weddings and Weather

June through September are popular wedding months in the mountains, and for good reason—when the weather's good, it's very, very good. But... what about when it's not?

 Rain turned into an unforgettable photo opportunity at this Granby Ranch wedding.

At Granby Ranch we do have afternoon thunderstorms in late July and August. These so-called mountain monsoons can blow in around 2 pm, but are often gone just a fast and furiously as they came.

The mountaintop ceremony site at Granby Ranch is so staggeringly gorgeous it's worth chancing it with the weather—and nine times out of ten, weddings go off without a hitch under sunny Colorado skies with some of the most breathtaking views of the Continental Divide you'll ever see.

But every once in awhile, rain can rattle even the most up-for-it couples. With a little prep, you can make sure your mountain wedding stands up to the elements.

Tips to keep in mind:

Look at the positive side. Weather delay? Hey, it's an expanded cocktail hour! Darkening skies? Most dramatic photos ever! Rain dares to fall? Cute umbrellas all around! "A little bump here or there actually tends to break the ice at a wedding—it brings out the laughter and bring guests together," says Hill.

Bring a sweater. Or a shrug, or a white parka, or vintage fur wrap, or a fuzzy mohair cardigan, or a pashmina...some dress manufacturers even make matching "bridal hoodies" to pair with gowns. Nab one.

Think about your dress.  Long trains, delicate lace, and fussy layers can be tougher to manage in weather. You don't want tears and stains to break your heart! Pick a gown that you can move in freely, that won't drag or snag, or that a few drops of rain won't water mark.

Shift your shoes. Those blue satin sandals you had your heart set on? Get 'em, but bring a backup. Cute flip flops, cowboy boots, sequined Tom's, pink Wellies, ballet flats, Birkenstocks.... all are good Plan Bs for hoofing it in iffy weather. The sandals? They'll be waiting for the reception and photo ops!

Have a backup plan. At Granby Ranch we've only had to use our backup tent for one wedding, but that's why we have it, just in case. Almost inevitably, the wind shifts, the skies clear, and we proceed just as planned.

And know when to use it. Sure, you have your heart set on that site, but don't let it be at the expense of your joy on your wedding day. If the weather just won't play ball, go with the flow and move forward with your ceremony in an alternative spot.


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