Terrain Park

The terrain park at Ski Granby Ranch offers six progression parks, exciting features, and four fully lit parks during night skiing on Friday and Saturday nights.

2015-16 Season Features

Mini Ballroom
Located near the base and just off the Milestone lift our Mini Ballroom Park offers rollers and boxes perfect for novice skiers and riders to learn the basics of park riding. This park is open during night skiing.

Bronc Rider
Located next to the Buckhorn trail on the East Mountain, Bronc Rider is filled with small boxes, rails, bonks (something you tap that is sticking out of the ground), rollers, and jumps. This park is ideal for progressing your park skills or working on a new trick.

Located at the top of the East Mountain, Woody’s is a small to medium park featuring two jibs (also known as rails). It’s the perfect warm up on your way to either Lower Bronc Rider or Rough Stock and is open during night skiing.

Ted’s Secret Stash
Ted’s is a park for expert riders that navigates through the trees. There are a variety of natural log jibs made from beetle kill trees as well as a wall ride.

Rough Stock
Located on the East Mountain, this is our biggest park. Mostly visible from the Quickdraw lift, Rough Stock has a variety of medium and large features including jumps, rails, and boxes. Rough Stock is also open during night skiing and fit for more advanced park riders.

Pop-Up  Park
This early-season park will consist of small and medium features—great for hiking or strolling to get your legs back for the season.


                          Make sure when you are in the terrain park to be SMART!

START SMALL- Work on your way up. Build your skills.

MAKE A PLAN- Every feature. Every time.

ALWAYS LOOK- Before you drop.

RESPECT- The features and other users.

TAKE IT EASY- Know your limits. Land on your feet.



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