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Rocky Mountain Real Estate

Vital Stats

Founded: 1995 by a master developer with a long-term horizon and financial sustainability
Community Size: 5,000 acres
Residential Density: 4,349 entitled units
Commercial Space: 1.31 million square feet
Existing Amenities: 400-acre ski area, 18-hole championship golf course, downhill and cross-country mountain bike park, over three miles of golf-medal private fly-fishing, over 40 miles of hiking trails

Remarkable Growth in Spite of National Trends

Tucked into the heart of Colorado ski country is a hidden gem of a community that has defied national trends, quietly gaining momentum among Colorado’s favorite mountain resorts. Granby Ranch is located a mere 90 minutes from Denver and 15 minutes from Winter Park, Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Since 2005, 659 properties - homesites, single family homes, paired cabins, and condominiums - have been developed in the community, and 505 of these have already sold. Remarkably, 27% of these properties were sold since 2008, demonstrating steady growth through an economic downturn that has proven challenging for the resort real estate industry in general.

The secret to Granby Ranch’s success lies with its convenient location, family-oriented approach, and its four seasons of amenities that include a fully-operational ski area, lift-served mountain bike park, 18-hole championship golf course, full-service base area lodge with restaurant, dining hall, ski and ride school, and children’s center, as well as access to miles of hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing trails.

Residents also love it for the laid-back vibe, close-knit community, and overall value. Granby Ranch resident Lauren Cunningham sums it up, “Granby Ranch is like a big playground, with Rocky Mountain National Park and Winter Park just minutes away. There are lots of activities here and great day trips nearby. It’s not just a mountain town - it’s a real community with huge value.”

Granby Ranch is seeking vertical developers/builders to join its thriving community.

For more information about land acquisition and available parcels, contact Lance Badger, Granby Ranch VP of Development, at 970.887.5205.

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Granby Ranch is located just 90 minutes from Denver, Colorado and 15 minutes from the western entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park and Winter Park. Get directions or contact us for more information about your next visit.

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