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Colorado real estate at our conservancyWhen you buy a home at Granby Ranch, you can be assured that your community is looking after the environment. We created a framework for the long-term sustainable preservation of recreational open space through the Granby Ranch Conservancy, the master homeowner association charged with overseeing the community’s outdoor spaces, including wilderness and wildlife, recreational open space, and trails.

Granby Ranch Conservancy's covenants provide for the financial means necessary to preserve Granby Ranch’s recreational open space, trails, river, and forest. 

Unlike most homeowner associations, the Granby Ranch Conservancy oversees the entire 5,000-acre natural environment, including an expansive network of trails, a 450-acre wildlife conservation area, hundreds of acres of recreational open space, the Fraser River corridor and miles of forestland. 

At Granby Ranch, recreational open space has a steward - the homeowners. The Conservancy will remain in place as long as the development exists, and it will have this land and wildlife in its care.

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