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Why should I book my group through Ski Granby Ranch?
Ski Granby Ranch offers many services which will make your group trip more enjoyable and easy!
— Convenient pre-printed tickets, waivers, and vouchers ready upon arrival
— Terrain that is comfortable for skiers/riders of all abilities
— Optional rental fittings in our rental shop the evening before your group skis or early morning
— Professional class instruction to fit ability level of your entire group or just a few individuals
— Two interconnected mountains that each have varying terrain, and lead back to the same base area
— Night skiing on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 pm – 8 pm
— Personalized assistance for help with gathering the order from your guests

How many people need to be in my group to qualify for group discounts?
We offer discounts up to 40% for groups of 20 or more guests. Mix and match your activities depending on the individual interests of your group. For example, bring 16 skiers, two snowboarders, and two snowshoe or nordic skiers for a total of 20 participants.

Can each person in my group pay individually?
No, the group leader needs to pay with one form of payment.

How do I get to Ski Granby Ranch from Denver, Colorado
Take I-70 West to the Winter Park, Granby exit 232. Follow Hwy 40 over Berthoud Pass, pass Winter Park Ski Resort, and continue another 15 miles towards the town of Granby, Colorado. Just before the City Market grocery store at the traffic light, take a right at the large banners that read “Ski Granby Ranch.” Follow Village Road about 2 miles to the Base Lodge on the right.

How do I book my group through Ski Granby Ranch?
Please contact  or call 970.887.5143. We would be happy to answer all your questions!

What is the process for checking in our group the day of arrival?
Meet your Granby Ranch guide at the front doors of Base Lodge at the scheduled time for your arrival, and your guide will show you where to meet for rentals, lessons and tickets.

If we are renting equipment at Ski Granby Ranch, when do you recommend we check in?
We offer an evening check-in the day before your first day on the slopes, or an 8:00 am rental fitting.

If we have class lessons that begin at 10 am, when should our guests arrive?
We recommend an 8 am - 9 am arrival, to allow time to be fitted for equipment.

Do you offer discounted meal vouchers?
We offer a $10 hot lunch. Ask your Granby Ranch guide for details. We will need a final count of the meal vouchers 3 days prior to arrival.

When do you need the final order for our ski group?
We will have your order ready prior to arrival, and need payment and final order 3 days before your first day on the mountain.

Do you offer refunds if a guest is unable to join after the final order has been processed?
No, we do not offer refunds. We are happy to re-date the tickets for another time.

What is the process for payment?
We accept one form of payment for the entire group order. Payment methods include check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, and Cash.

Take a Site Tour for your Event!

Visit Granby Ranch to plan your mountain event. Whether it's a wedding, corporate retreat, reunion, or golf tournament, our four seasons of amenities, mountian lodge, and personalized services offer your guests an exhilarating retreat from the ordinary. Contact us at 970.887.5143 for more information or to schedule a site tour.

Granby Ranch is located just 90 minutes from Denver, Colorado and 20 minutes from Winter Park and the western entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. Get directions, then visit us for your next mountain adventure.

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