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Visit some of the best mountain biking trails and terrain in the west at Bike Granby Ranch. Located in the heart of Mountain Biking Capital USA, you'll find an expansive cross-country network, as well as lift-served mountain biking for advanced thrill-seekers and families alike



Closed for the season

Downhill Bike Park Trails

 Trail Name Notes                                                                      Status
 Moga’s Mile   Open
  Loosey   Open
  Bee-Line   Open
  Strawberry Jam   Open
  Silky Johnson


  Cheese-It   Closed
  Tron   Closed
  Ashy Larry   Closed
  Drifter   Closed
  Bucnasty   Closed
  Missing Link   Closed
Tumbler   Closed
 Stranger   Closed
 Cougar   Closed    


                                                                                                                                                                Cross-Country Biking/Hiking Trails

 Trail Name Notes                                                                      Status
  Fraser Canyon   Open
  Main street   Open
  High Road   Open
  Cabin Trail


  Rabbit Run   Open
  Low Road   Open
Wades World   Open
  Birchs   Open
  Upper Backside   Open
Lower Backside   Open
Upper Sidewinder   Open
Lower Sidewinder   Open
Out of Gas    Open
Ying   Open
Yang   Open
2-Stroke   Open

Mountain Biking Trail Map

Download 2017 Bike Map

Also at Granby Ranch

Explore hiking trails, play a round of golf, or fish for trout in gold-medal Fraser River - all at Granby Ranch! For more information on other summer and family vacation activities at Granby Ranch, please call 888-850-4615, or e-mail .

Granby Ranch is located just 90 minutes from Denver and 15 minutes from Winter Park and the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Get directions or contact us for more information!

Enjoy Rocky Mountain Biking on Granby Ranch Bike Trails This Season


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