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Join us and our team of outdoor experts for our first Workshop Weekend, Saturday, July 1st through Monday, July 3rd. Whether you are just beginning to explore the Rocky Mountains or already have plenty of miles on your boots, we are sure to have a workshop that will leave you feeling a little more prepared next time you venture out into the high country.

Just like our renowned winter Snowsports School, our workshops provide a comfortable and safe environment for your introduction to new outdoor skills; and with our flexible curricula and knowledgeable instructors, even seasoned adventurers can learn a thing or two.

Workshops are $15 per person, excluding Horsemanship Clinic. Call 888.850.4615 or email to preregister.

Saturday 7/29

10:00 am — Basic Photography (Base Lodge)

9:00 am —  1 Hour Horseback Ride (Golf Clubhouse at 8:45am)

10:30 am —  1 Hour Horseback Ride (Golf Clubhouse at 10:15am)

1:00 p.m. — Backcountry Emergencies

Sunday 7/30

9:30 a.m. — Navigation and Route Finding (Golf Clubhouse)

10:00 am — Basic Photography (Base Lodge)

11:30 a.m. — Camp Cooking (Golf Clubhouse)

2:00 p.m. — Camping Basics (Golf Clubhouse)



Workshop Descriptions

Camping Basics

This workshop focuses on introductory camping skills including efficient camp setups for 1 night to 1 week or longer, camping in bear country, efficiency and organization, suggested packing lists, gear recommendations/advice, and general forum for questions and discussion.

Navigation and Route Finding

Land Navigation includes discussion of the pros and cons of handheld GPS units and smartphone GPS applications, but emphasizes the effective use of a map and compass for finding position and navigation, as those skills are always your backup in case of a GPS or phone failure.

Camp Cooking

From ultralight stoves to heavy cast iron over an open fire, a great meal is always greater in the outdoors. This workshop addresses the knowledge necessary to prepare healthy and enjoyable meals to fuel active, outdoor pursuits – while leaving the freeze-dried food at home. Learn cooler/food packing and management, how to cook over an open fire, and enjoy an amazing outdoor meal — lunch is included!

Backcountry Emergencies

Learn about appropriate courses of action in a survival or emergency situation from a Search and Rescue professional, and about how organized rescuers will respond if called upon. This workshops also addresses the 10 essentials for backcountry travel, shelter building, and food sources.

Basic Photography

This clinic covers everything from an introduction into digital technology to important camera settings, and how to start taking a good picture no matter what your subject. You'll learn how to start controlling light, color, and atmosphere while learning the controls of your camera. Perfect for the entry-level enthusiast! 

Medicinal and Edible Plants – Naturalist Hike

Hike along with Jodie Boxell, long time Rocky Mountain resident and respected mountain man. Jodie’s knowledge of the flora in our region is unsurpassed, and his fur-trade era outdoor skills are sure to fascinate participants in this immersive naturalist hike.


1- Hour Horseback Ride

For hundreds of years, horses were the primary means of transportation throughout the American West. This summer, you can join third generation outfitters Richard and Cathy Samuelson for the timeless experience of exploring Granby Ranch from atop one of their surefooted mountain horses


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