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A Letter from the Founder and Principal

Marise CiprianiThank you for your interest in Granby Ranch!

This community was born out of my own experience visiting the mountains with my husband and young children. These are some of my favorite memories - simply being together, without the distractions that sometimes come with city life. I wanted to build a place where more families could experience that same togetherness. When I first saw this land, I knew it was the perfect place to begin.

To build it, we assembled a group of people who have worked with some of the most beautiful and innovative communities in the West, including the Cordillera in the Vail Valley, Catamount in Steamboat Springs, and the Mayacama in Sonoma County. Sixteen years later, Granby Ranch is a growing community with over 500 families. It has become the place I dreamed, where families and friends connect, live, play, and enjoy nature in the Colorado Rockies.

I hope you'll visit us soon, and discover the beauty, simplicity, and joy that is Granby Ranch.

Be Well,

Marise Cipriani
Founder and Managing Partner, Granby Ranch

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Social Responsibility

Granby Ranch

Granby Ranch is invested in making Grand County a great place to live. Contributions of land and resources to community improvement projects include:

  • Nine acres to build the Middle Park Medical Center in Granby Park
  • Nine acres to build ball fields for the Town of Granby
  • Eight acres to the Town of Granby's future Recreation Center
  • 29 acres to the Town of Granby to build up to 250 affordable housing units
  • $378,000 to the Town of Granby for downtown enhancements and park facilities
  • Discounted mountain access to Middle Park High School's ski team for training
  • Dedicated four-mile easement to the Headwaters Trails Alliance to complete the final section of the Fraser to Granby Trail
  • Over $155,000 in resources to the Grand Foundation to impact health, human services, education, sports and environment in Grand County

Environmental Conservation

Social Responsibility Granby Ranch

Granby Ranch's community commitment also extends to conserving its land:

  • A development philosophy where every homesite borders on recreational open space, allowing a trail network that connects neighbor to neighbor
  • An 450-acre conservation easement for elk wintering habitat
  • Proactive management of its forests to promote ongoing health and new growth of aspen, spruce and fir, and the next generation of lodgepole pine

Visit Us!

Granby Ranch is located just 90 minutes from Denver and 15 minutes from Winter Park and the western entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. Get directions or contact us for more information!

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